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Things We’ve Found Through Stool Testing

We’re not macro coaches. Or nutritionists. Or “nutritionalists”. 😂 Or trainers. ​ We’re integrative performance dietitians. We can change your life – AND yeah, we can also help you fuel for a marathon or crush

3 ways to increase vitamins and minerals in your diet

Vitamins and minerals are literally what makes all of our bodily systems work efficiently. Mineral status is a huge driver in human functionality- they are what makes the engine as a whole actually “go”. You

Gut Health + PRs

Why do we keep talking about gut health and hormones when you’re here for PRs, endurance goals, and lifting targets? When you can’t sustain a training plan, it’s because of lack of nutrient availability. When

Afternoon Energy Crashes

Afternoon energy crashes- that need for a quick power nap on the couch, feeling like you can’t focus or get any work done, in sloth mode for the rest of the day after a morning

You can eat all the carbs you want on your run…

You can eat all the carbs you want on your run, but if your body is chronically MICROnutrient deprived, you’re still going to get injured, ill, and burnt out. ​ Focusing on details during a

This is what your gut SHOULD be doing every day

1️⃣ You should be pooping 1-3 times PER DAY. “But I’ve always pooped every 2-3 days” just means we’ve got work to do, and you’ve likely always suffered from abnormal digestive function.​2️⃣ You should be

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Collagen and Joint Pain in the Athlete

If you’re taking collagen, you want to pair it with Vitamin C to help with absorption. Make sure you are taking that collagen 1 hour prior to exercise. This exercise should be something rehabing that

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Sleep Well and Prosper

guest post by Winthrop University Nutrition Graduate student, Lawson Harris Are you getting enough sleep on a consistent basis?  Do you prioritize sleep?   If you don’t, I get it.  It’s hard to get that uninterrupted

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The Mighty Multivitamin

guest post by Winthrop University undergraduate nutrition student, Chelsea Seawright Have you ever taken Multivitamins? If so, why did you start and are you still taking them? Or have they been hiding in your medicine