Things We’ve Found Through Stool Testing

We’re not macro coaches.
Or nutritionists.
Or “nutritionalists”. 😂
Or trainers.

We’re integrative performance dietitians. We can change your life – AND yeah, we can also help you fuel for a marathon or crush that powerlifting competition. Pretty cool, right? 😉🙃😆

We use functional testing with our clients because we need you to be a WHOLE FUNCTIONING HUMAN before we can ever worry about whether you got enough carbs on your long run.

The amount of things we have found through @dxsolutionslab GI Map test that was missed, never investigated, or plainly DISmissed previously is mind blowing.

If you’ve got symptoms (ALL symptoms matter), dig deeper.

If you’re no longer sure whether you have symptoms or are making stuff up in your head (trust us, we see this confusion a lot as people try to normalize how shitty you feel), reply to this email right now and we will email you a copy of the basic symptom questionnaire we use with our 1:1 clients to figure out what’s what.

Forward this to a friend who needs to see this and check out my video to see all of the things we’ve found.

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