You can eat all the carbs you want on your run…

You can eat all the carbs you want on your run, but if your body is chronically MICROnutrient deprived, you’re still going to get injured, ill, and burnt out.

Focusing on details during a specific timeframe is much easier than focusing on overall adequacy all the time.

But it’s the stuff you do well 90% of the time that matters, not the stuff you do perfectly 10% of the time.

You’ll definitely have a better run if you fuel well during it (even if you are depleted the rest of the time in your day), but you WILL eventually get sick, injured, or burnt out.

It’s not if, it’s when.

Here’s where I would focus:
👉🏼 enough calories every day
👉🏼 enough carbs throughout the day
👉🏼 enough protein throughout the day – but in relation to carbs, not just some weird random amounts because your trainer at boot camp told you so
👉🏼 lots of hydration
👉🏼 lots of minerals – specifically sodium, potassium, and magnesium…but also copper, zinc, and things like chromium and manganese…but out of all of those, I’d only ever consider supplementing 3 of them (I’ll tell you which and why over the next few days)
👉🏼 AND make sure you’ve got enough carbs on board during training and recovery.


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