This is what your gut SHOULD be doing every day

1️⃣ You should be pooping 1-3 times PER DAY. “But I’ve always pooped every 2-3 days” just means we’ve got work to do, and you’ve likely always suffered from abnormal digestive function.

2️⃣ You should be able to tolerate most foods unless you have an IgE allergy to those foods. Constant digestive upset with a wide variety of foods means DIGESTIVE issues, not “there is something wrong with these foods”

3️⃣ You shouldn’t have urgency (“I need a bathroom NOW!”) when it comes to pooping. It should be a fairly uneventful process, with few surprises 😉✌🏼

4️⃣ Speaking of no surprises, it should be smooth and well-formed. Pellets aren’t normal, unformed stool isn’t normal. Both happen sometimes, but that should be the exception.

5️⃣ After you eat, the volume of food that was OUTside your body is now INside your body, so yeah, there will be some distinction (physics, guys). BUT you shouldn’t look like you’re pregnant, nor should you get continuously more bloated as time passes after eating.

If you can’t check these 5 boxes, there’s some digestive stuff going on, which means there is nutrient absorption stuff going on, which means every other function in your body is affected….

….aaaaand you should look into that. 😉

Everything in your life (from sleeping to doing an Ironman and everything in between) is dependent on nutrient availability.

So yeah, digestive issues ARE a big deal, and not just because they’re uncomfortable.

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