Welcome to screen nutrition

We’re not your aunt Susan’s dietitian. And we don’t do weird stuff with nutrition.

Here’s what we do: we merge your gut health, hormonal health, and performance goals with your everyday life (you know, the reality of adulting, parenthood, work…) by supporting your body’s need for resources (hint: that’s nutrients), with real food, without deprivation, and without mental gymnastics to make your breakfast bagel fit into some insane macro-matrix your personal trainer told you was “necessary”…

…so you end up with an optimally functioning metabolism, happy hormones, and a healthy gut – while eating everything you love and kicking butt in your active lifestyle goals. Yeah, win-win-win. That’s how we like to roll.

Your nutrition can & should elevate your quality of life,  performance, and your health & sanity!  It shouldn’t be difficult.

Are you training for a race? Starting a strength journey? Planning an outdoor adventure? Or even just looking to support your everyday activity & demands while living your busy life?

Do you want to get to the bottom of nutrient needs, GI distress, exhaustion, & potential root causes hampering your performance & desire for a nourished life?

Or just want to be able to live your life without constantly worrying about “how to eat” or keeping up with seemingly ever-changing trends – and you what your body needs from you?

Then let’s dive in.

Your nutrition can & should elevate your performance, your health, and your daily life. The problem is that what you’ve been told in the media about how nutrition works is mostly wrong. Let’s focus on your body, your goals, and your needs based on your lifestyle and your individual body.

We're A Match If:

  • You’re ready to make sure your intrinsic nutrition needs are met, and your body is primed to accept what you are giving it.

  • You’re an active adult or athlete of any caliber – from everyday warrior to elite competitor – and want to reach health & performance fueling goals.

  • You’re tired of doing weird, restrictive things “in the name of nutrition” and are serious about reaching your goals in the right way, focusing on nourishment, & fueling your body.
  • You want to address the whole body through functional nutrition to get you to an active life well lived.

  • You’re willing to trust the journey & put faith back into your body – and you’re willing to support it instead of fighting it.

  • You know that prioritizing your gut health, good hormonal functioning, and meeting your resource needs is the foundation of a lifetime of peace with food – and an efficient metabolism.

You Need Us If:

  • You’re training for any athletic goal whatsoever. That means running. triathlon, swimming, powerlifting, CrossFit, weekend-gym-going, tactical race or else – it literally doesn’t matter.

  • You’re moving with purpose & want to support it with correct nutrition, and you want the expertise and mentorship of a dietitian.

  • You’re tired of starting nutrition program after nutrition program, thinking you will get healthier, leaner, stronger, less confused…but you just repeat the cycle.

  • You want to learn how to support your body’s normal biological metabolism with tangible habits that you can actually implement in your daily life – to catapult your health, wellbeing, and performance to the next level.
  • Something’s been “off” for a while (fatigue, mass fluctuations, lack of performance gains, frequent injuries or pain, GI stuff…) but you haven’t been able to get to the bottom of it.

  • You’ve been told for years that your micronutrient levels are low (iron, vitamin D, etc), but no matter what you do, you can’t get them higher.

  • You’ve been confused for decades. Simply eating has become a puzzle you can’t quite put together – because you’re being handed too many pieces from too many places and they seem to constantly be changing.

  • You train and have lost your period, have chronic infections or injuries, are irritable, lack energy, or struggle with GI issues.

You want to learn how to support your body’s normal biological metabolism with tangible habits that you can actually implement in your daily life – to catapult your health, wellbeing, and performance to the next level.

Here's How We can work Together:

1:1 Coaching

The most amount of support and in-depth detective work. Want all the accountability, know exactly what’s going on, and get regular touch-points and chat support in between? Then 1:1 nutrition coaching is for you.

Self-Paced: The Nutrition Reframe™

What if you could figure out your metabolism and never worry about “how to eat” again? Learn to permanently support your body to hit your health, sanity, and performance goals.

Functional Testing

If you’re not looking for coaching right now but want to dig into the labs and find the root of what’s going on with your body, choose testing to figure out what might be an underlying issue or help move the needle on your progress.

Specialized Courses

If you’re looking for mini-courses and classes on specialized topics, such as cortisol, bloat, marathon training, and more, then check out our library of pre-recorded resources you can access at any time.

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