Afternoon Energy Crashes

Afternoon energy crashes- that need for a quick power nap on the couch, feeling like you can’t focus or get any work done, in sloth mode for the rest of the day after a morning run…. You probably missed the mark somewhere along the line.

✨ you didn’t eat enough- either carbs or total calories
✨ you inadequately fueled your workout (during or before)
✨ your overall recovery habits are not ideal and you’re letting it catch up to you
✨ you exist on caffeine or cortisol
✨ you’re not fueling enough in the day-to-day (intake matters as a whole, NOT just the meal before your workout)

Assess your gaps, and start there! Is your intake enough? Are you being overly restrictive? Do you overeat on the weekend and then intentionally undereat during the week?

Your real issue probably comes from something outside of just this one workout if this is your normal.

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