3 ways to increase vitamins and minerals in your diet

Vitamins and minerals are literally what makes all of our bodily systems work efficiently.

Mineral status is a huge driver in human functionality- they are what makes the engine as a whole actually “go”.

You SHOULD be getting these from food. If we blindly supplement, that can be a recipe for disrupted balance in your micronutrient status, and basically mess stuff up.

For example, you’ve heard us talk about iron and how supplementing with iron long-term can actually compromise the status of other vitamins and minerals. We don’t need to supplement without knowing the bigger picture. BUT we can support the body’s micronutrient status through food.

Three ways to increase vitamins and minerals in your diet can be as easy as:

  1. Instead of 1 color veggie, prep two.
  2. Add fish 2-3 times a week.
  3. Add electrolytes to your water.

If you’re curious about which minerals you should be paying closer attention to, and what you may be missing check out our Instagram @screennutrition

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