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We’ve created a space for you to up-level your goals, get deep dives on monthly topics, and get your questions answered in an intimate virtual group setting. 

Say hello to The Inner CircleA monthly members-only newsletter. 

At the start of each month, you’ll get a value-packed email featuring:

  • 1 Monthly Masterclass
  • 1 Monthly Live Q&A Call
  • 10% off all Screen Nutrition Merchandise, Programs, and Courses
  • Recipes we’re loving this month
  • Exclusive offers and early access

Let’s break down everything you get each month. 

Monthly Masterclasses

The second week of each month, Rachel Leach, MS, RD goes live to cover a topic that she’s been seeing come up in the Screen Nutrition community and in client calls.  

In the past few months, masterclass topics have included:

  • We’ve Gotta Talk About Poop
  • How to Unf*ck Your Metabolism
  • The Truth About Collagen and Other Supplements
  • When You Actually Need Electrolytes: Staying Hydrated this Summer
  • Minerals – AKA The Magic Pill You’ve Been Looking For

Can’t make the live Zoom masterclass? No worries. We’ll email out a replay that you can tune into later on.

Monthly Live Q&A Call

Kirsten Screen, MPH, RD, LD hosts a live group coaching call on Zoom during the fourth week of the month. 

The monthly Q&A is a “show up with your questions” format. Some people show up to listen to other people’s questions, others show up with a list of questions they’d like to have answered. During the Q&A, we don’t have teaching topics; we respond to the members’ needs and answer those questions.

A recording will be emailed to you following the call. But we recommend joining live so you can get your questions answered.

10% Discount

Do you like to save money? Being part of the Inner Circle gets you 10% off any programs or masterclasses we host on Teachable. Check out all our courses here.  This even includes our flagship nutrition program, The Reframe.

If you don’t need group coaching or programs, the 10% off discount also applies to our digital download e-books and merchandise, which you can explore here. Our e-books are a great way to get a ton of value to read on your own. 


In each monthly round-up email, we share recipes we’re loving that month. The recipes are usually based on the season we’re in or tied to the masterclass topic. These are dietitian-approved recipes to throw into your weekly meal rotations. 

We all get stuck in a rut with what we eat so these recipes should help shake things up!

Exclusive Offers & Early Access

Inner Circle members get first dibs. Period. If something fun is launching in Screen Nutrition, you’ll be the first to know. 


That’s a ton of opportunity to plug in and up-level your nutrition journey! It is also by far our lowest ticket option at $29/month. 

We can’t wait to see you in our next monthly call!


Note: If you are in need of personalized nutrition support, this is not the place to plug in for that. For that, we suggest group coaching, 1:1 coaching, and functional testing available to help you with personalized needs.

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